The no-drill dentist: New WaterLase dental laser treatment available

Katz Family Dental in West Hartford, Connecticut is happy to introduce the BIOLASE WaterLase iPlus. As compared to traditional drilling, the new WaterLase may prevent pain without the need for needles or anesthetic. Going to the dentist should not be a painful experience, and we’re doing more to make your visits more comfortable whether you’re visiting us for treatment of a cavity or gum issue.

No shot, no drill and no pain… The WaterLase (laser) has a cutting speed equal to the high-speed drill and faster than any other laser. This new tool eliminates pain in most cases. The laser can be used during many different procedures that can last a few minutes to just a few seconds. The most notable thing our patients mention is that the laser is very quiet as compared to the spin of the drill you normally hear. Procedures are shorter, patients experience less bleeding and swelling, and there is little discomfort after the procedure.

It is widely accepted that tooth pain is caused when a stimulus applied to dentin is transmitted to nerves inside the tooth through fluid in dentinal tubules. The heat, vibration, and pressure of the traditional drill triggers pain impulses through this fluid. According to one mechanism related to pain transmission that has been reported in the literature, WaterLase may prevent pain transmission – without anesthetic or needles – by dehydrating tubule fluid, leaving insoluble salts in the tubule that block pain transmission to the nerves. WaterLase may also eliminate pain by the same mechanism of action currently accepted for how Low-Level Laser Therapy desensitizes – by interfering with nerve cell membrane polarity to block transmission of pain stimuli.

Contact Katz Family Dental to see if the WaterLase is right for you! Reach out to Mary Eileen or Valerie at (860) 521-0594 for a consultation.