Dental Services

Dr. Mukesh Agarwal offers a variety of dental services in West Hartford, Connecticut. Your needs are our primary concern.


From preventative maintenance to complex restorative needs.

Whether it is simple preventative maintenance, the Zoom! teeth whitening system, or complex restorative needs, we strive to provide patients with the highest quality dental services and care. We work with you to provide a personal and individual treatment plan.

Zoom Teeth Whitening System

  • Preventative
    • Cleanings
    • Digital X-Rays
    • Sealants
    • Night guards
    • Athletic/mouth guards
    • Fluoride Varnish Treatment
  • Periodontal
    • Scaling and Root Planning
    • Soft Tissue management
    • Splinting
    • Bruxism appliances
  • Restorative
    • Composite Fillings (tooth colored)
    • Composite bonding
    • Veneers
    • Crowns (caps)
    • Bridges
    • Implant Restorations
    • Partial Dentures
    • Full Dentures
  • Additional
    • Zoom Whitening
    • Root Canal Therapy
    • Extractions