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Staff participates in Connecticut Mission of Mercy

The 8th Annual Connecticut Mission of Mercy Dental Clinic kicked off on March 20, 2015 at the O’Neil Center at Western State University. Thousands of people line up to take advantage of the free procedures. Services included dental and general health screenings, x- rays, cleanings, fillings, extractions, oral surgery and limited root canal therapy. This […]

Why do I have dry mouth?

People ask all the time, why do I have dry mouth? Dry mouth is a serious problem due to the lack of saliva in the mouth which naturally washes away bacteria. If that bacteria continues to sit on the teeth it will increase your chances of decay. There are a few contributing factors of dry mouth […]

Yes! You should floss your teeth every day

Don’t worry about what type of dental floss you use, just ensure you floss daily. If you find a type of floss that works well for you – making it easy to floss every day – that’s the brand for you! Read more about the different types of dental floss, why flossing is important and […]

Avoid these foods if you have braces

If you are a young adult or adult with braces, there are some foods you want to avoid. Dentists and orthodontists want to ensure your experience with braces successfully aligns your teeth, and yes, it’s important to avoid eating the wrong food. In general, you should avoid sticky and sugary foods like soft candy, and you […]