Yes! You should floss your teeth every day

dental-flossDon’t worry about what type of dental floss you use, just ensure you floss daily. If you find a type of floss that works well for you – making it easy to floss every day – that’s the brand for you! Read more about the different types of dental floss, why flossing is important and some additional tips from Thomas Connelly, DDS. Here’s a small portion of the article.

Let’s talk about waxed floss (and un-waxed floss) now. When we’re talking about these, we’re discussing nylon floss. (Monofilament flosses don’t need wax.) Wax is there to help the floss squeeze between your teeth, and indeed, some people simply like the feel of it better and feel that it’s more comfortable. I don’t see any clinical difference in which works better — it’s all a matter of preference. Again, waxed and un-waxed come in a variety of thicknesses (and flavors), so there are a ton of options available.

Remember, the best floss is the floss that you use every day.