Avoid these foods if you have braces

bracesIf you are a young adult or adult with braces, there are some foods you want to avoid. Dentists and orthodontists want to ensure your experience with braces successfully aligns your teeth, and yes, it’s important to avoid eating the wrong food.

In general, you should avoid sticky and sugary foods like soft candy, and you should take a few moments to cut your food into small pieces. Stay away from hard, crunchy snacks and never chew ice. Read more here.

Need to have your wisdom teeth extracted?

impacted-wisdom-teethAlmost every young adult – at some point – needs to have one or all of their wisdom teeth extracted. If your wisdom teeth are impacted and causing issues with your other teeth, that’s your sign to discuss options with your dentist.

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are usually the last teeth to develop. Most of us have four wisdom teeth, one at the back in each section of the mouth. They usually emerge during our late teens and early twenties.

Oftentimes, wisdom teeth become trapped or impacted in the jawbone or simply fail to erupt. This can cause crowding or displacement of other teeth or lead to the development of localized tooth decay, infection or gum disease. Impacted wisdom teeth are set in the jawbone in unusual positions, sometimes horizontally, which stops them from erupting in a normal way.

Read more about your wisdom teeth here, and if you have any questions or would like a consultation, contact us here at Katz Family Dental.